Collective Insight into Unsettled Living

We believe in the strength of sharing and amplifying the voices that are often drowned out.

Outside Influence is a place where the overlooked shine the spotlight on what unsettled living and homelessness really means.

Unsettling Matters

It can feel like everything is sliding backwards.

While welfare policies have made bold, positive strides over the last two centuries, we’re now witnessing a concerning shift. Access to support is dwindling and services are overstretched.

The decline in access to fair opportunities and secure housing needs new thinking to be reversed.

From owning a home to nowhere to go — the reality for many is how quickly things can change and finding that the next day is getting evermore uncertain.

Unsettled Living Spectrum


No Place to Go

No way Out

Outreach & Hostel Access

Sofa Surfing

Out of Options

Access to Support or income

Temp. Accom

None Available

Stabilise with support or income

Transitional Accom

Can't Access Support

Support Guidance or Ready to Move

Rented Accom

Income loss or Rent increase

Access Savings

Social Housing

None Available or on Waiting List

Access Savings

Council Housing

None Available or on Waiting List

Access Savings

Living with Family

Unsafe or loss of access

Increase income

Mortgaged Home

Loss of income or rate increase

Increase income

Owned Home

Financial Debt

Secure Future

What is Human-Centred Design?

Outside Influence explores the realities of unsettled living through a lens of shared experiences. We believe in the power of diverse perspectives to shed light on complex issues.

A 360 degree approach
We invite everyone to the conversation, including landlords, community leaders, architects, and those who have personally experienced unsettled living. We have found that this ‘welcome all’ approach allows us to gather all viewpoints, understand the underlying reasons for various situations, and then shape and present solutions to alleviate impacts for others.

Time for Change
We seek to identify new opportunities and understand the dynamic shifts in housing, welfare, tourism and economic structures that impact unsettled living.

Join us on this journey
Explore this platform where diverse thoughts and stories come together, offering a powerful collective insight into tackling some of life’s current challenges.

Human. Reality. Agency.

Calling all creative researchers, activists and visionaries — join our unique social impact creative agency and help grow our network of groundbreaking work.

You or your community research can find its voice on our platform. A place where shared perspectives can create waves of impact for good.

Contact us to find out more.

Although financially supported by three local organisations through a process of authentic co-production, namely; Good Organisation (Social Ventures), Coterminous CIC and LIFE (Lived Insights From Experience), it remains fiercely autonomous and represents those who are disenfranchised by existing organisational structures.

The Vision

= Individual

It’s all about the individual voice — your voice. We’ve created a space for individuals, groups and organisations to spill their thoughts and insights.

= Experience Feedback Loop

This isn’t just sharing perspectives — it’s diving into the Feedback Loop. We’re here to feed those experiences and insights to the people and organisations that have the power to shake things up.

= Meaningful Action

Because it’s not enough to talk —  it’s about walking the walk. Lets ensure these insights are not just heard but valued, sparking meaningful action from the change-makers themselves.

Get in touch to find out more

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Show & Tell

Unveiling Human Stories and Research

Do you feel unheard?
Show & Tell is our new initiative designed to amplify voices often unheard and bridge the gap between academic research and real-life experiences.

Powerful human stories alongside valuable research, all accessible in one place.

We’re excited to share our first project
Explore the dedicated repository to watch videos that capture the human reality of adversity and social impact efforts.

The first project marks an exciting new collaboration between Good Organisation (Social Ventures) and LIFE (Lived Insights From Experience) relaying peoples struggles and celebrations of unsettled living in York.

Want to see more?
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Play Video about Picture of Tom's hands expressing whilst he chats

A successful transition. He is now living in his own flat and supports his community.





People’s insights can help us problem solve, innovate and create effective change. 


“My interest is not data, it’s the world. And part of world development you can see in numbers. Others, like human rights, empowerment of women, it’s very difficult to measure in numbers.”

Hans Rosling

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