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All our projects utilise all stages of experience from past and present to help shape considered possibilities and convey human realities.

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We’ve influenced books about homelessness, blueprints for living spaces, maps of the local area and data to initiate much needed conversations…

A unique experiment bringing people that have experienced homelessness, together with architects and designers.

October 2020

A collaborative book that uncovers how public misconceptions of homelessness continue to shape public attitudes to issue.

January 2023

A creative think tank to discuss what makes cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable?

May 2023

Community Led Tourism in York

A collab with York St Johns University on how tourism can be utilised more effectively to promote local community wealth building.

Ongoing 2024

“You wouldn't go into a cafe, and they just hand you a drink or sandwich and you go... Oh, OK thanks!”

Hugo Sugg

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